About Us

A private family estate producing the finest olive oil.

Meneghello Estate is a private, family owned olive grove nestled in the world famous Margaret River Wine Region of Western Australia. We are a boutique producer situated on 100 acres of picturesque hillside overlooking Geographe Bay. 

Since 1999 over 3500 trees have been planted in our grove, the majority being the Greek Kalamata and the Tuscan Frantoio, Paragon and Correggiola varieties, known to produce award winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO).

Good EVOO is made only by using quality olives from healthy trees. The key is getting the olives to the processor immediately after harvesting and extracting the oil by mechanical means, without the use of chemicals or excessive heat. EVOO comes from the first pressing of the olives, at the ideal temperature around 18°c, within 24 hours from harvesting. Therefore the term “Cold Pressed’ or “First Cold Pressed” which is often used. A simple taste test, used by judges to determine good EVOO, is that it should have a well balanced - grassy, herbaceous or fruit aroma - and a mild bitterness and pungency with a lingering peppery finish on the palate.

Genuine EVOO is also a health food, rich in good mono-unsaturated fats and antioxidants, to help protect against cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, bad cholesterol and cancer - and is a far better alternative to the saturated fats found in butter. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the finest quality olive oil you can buy.

We pride ourselves in producing the finest quality EVOO possible, by carefully following the correct protocols for growing, harvesting, processing, handling and storage of this fine product. Although we are not certified organic (yet) we have always resisted the use of chemicals and pesticides on our grove and have only used organic chemical free alternatives at all times.

We hope you enjoy our beautiful Meneghello Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Danny Meneghello